SHF Sunday Update: HGH Video! Muscle & Strength Gain Tips! 14 Days Left for Challenge #1!

SHF Sunday Update: HGH Video! Muscle & Strength Gain Tips! 14 Days Left for Challenge #1!
(0:15)- Happy 4th of July!
(1:01)- Happy Birthday Joe!
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(1:03)- 16yrs Old Scott
(2:20)- Hermanite Of The Month! July
(3:35)- Saturday Exercise Explosion
(6:25)- Tuesday Tune-Up
(7:52)- Fan Art Winner!
(8:36)- SHF vLog
(9:11)- SHF Athlete Challenge!
(11:14)- COD: SHF Sniping!

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Why HGH Pills Can Be Good For You

Science seems to have answers to all problems that we experience,sometimes seemingly defying nature. Age has literary been reduced to being just a number as science has provided avenues to curb aging. Such an invention is the creation of the synthesized Human Growth Hormone pills (HGH Pills). Naturally the Human Growth hormone is produced in the pituitary glands mostly in children and adolescents. The hormone stimulates bone growth, increased metabolism, muscle development, and even body fluid composition. Websites like talks about hgh pills in more detail. Be sure check them out if you need more info. Now back to the article. what hgh pills can do to you

Ironically the synthesized form of HGH was developed to assist in curing various health complications that occur in children and adults. In fact, it is normal to find most prescribed medications that have HGH as an active ingredient. In children, some of the disorders that may be corrected using this synthesized hormone include chronic kidney insufficiency, HGH insufficiency, Turners syndrome and Prader-Willi syndrome. In adults, the synthesized hormone pills are used to treat short bowel syndrome, Muscle wasting especially in HIV patients and HGH deficiency.

However, the HGH pills have been abused over time. Some experts claim that the synthesized version of the hormone can be used to reduce aging in adults. The premise for this deduction is that the natural form of the hormone decreases with age and hence increasing its supply maintains the bodies’ metabolic rate hence healthy muscles. Athletes have been known to combine HGH with other steroids to optimize their performance.

The bottom line is that abuse of these hormones may lead to potential health complications. Aging is a natural process that should be allowed to take its course. Use of this hormone for optimal muscle growth and development may eventually have negative results in the future. The synthesized hormone should be used for the purpose for which it was invented to ensure that advancement in science serves to save humanity.